Bachelor’s Degree

The School of Industrial Engineering of the University of Vigo is devoted to teaching in the field of Industrial Engineering, through a versatile and up-to-date academic offer of several Bachelor’s Degree Programs. In response to the new needs and requirements of society, the School has incorporated the bachelor degree of Biomedical Engineering to the available studies.

The following Bachelor’s Degree Programs are taught in the City Site:

The following are taught in the Campus Site:

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As the first year is the same for all Bachelor’s Degree Programs, students may indicate their preferences regarding facilities (city or campus) and timetable (morning or afternoon) when they enroll. Such preferences will be taken into account when students are definitely assigned to a group by the School, according to the established criteria.

When you indicate your preferences, keep in mind that in the following years, you will only be able to study the degree of your choice in the facilities in which it is taught.