Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Organization Engineering

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Description of the studies

The objective of the Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Organization Engineering from the University of Vigo is to provide graduates with the knowledge, techniques, abilities and attitudes inherent to the profession, and to prepare them to organize productive systems, improve them and manage the resources involved in industrial activities and services in a rational and sustainable way. Due to the combination of technological and management contents covered, one of the main characteristics of the Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Organization Engineering is the flexibility to successfully face the wide variety of situations graduates may find throughout their careers.

In developed societies, the activities related to the organization and management of resources are essential to guarantee the competitiveness of businesses, as they have a significant impact on the generation of value and, therefore, on productivity. It could be said that the general objective of the Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Organization Engineering is to train professionals who are capable of meeting the real needs of society in the field of business organization and management. The word business is used here in its widest sense, and it includes institutional companies, service companies, and institutions in general, together with all the business and economic agents with which graduates will be interacting as their practice their profession within society.



  • Training our graduates to undertake activities related to the management of production and service businesses, as well as of institutions of all kinds (public and private; public administration, universities, NGOs, consulting firms, etc.), in all areas: quality, purchasing, commercial, logistics, production, processes, products, costs, finances, maintenance, environment and sustainability, innovation management, project management, human resources, etc.
  • Preparing professionals for industrial and service sector businesses that demand executives with a broad technical background. Their dual training, as technicians and as managers, allows them to have an overall vision of the business and its field, which is crucial to enhance results in any sector.

Production and logistics specialization

  • Planning, scheduling and controlling activities related to production management in productive areas.
  • Managing the activities regarding the flow of materials and information that define the logistic flow of the business.
  • Applying criteria to come up with solutions that use resources in the most rational way and thus improve the processes carried out within businesses.

Business management specialization

  • Managing the resources inherent to the business activity performed by a company.
  • Applying the most effective techniques available in the field of business organization and management.

Title competences

Graduates in the Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Organization Engineering will be qualified for all activities related to business management (in industrial and service businesses) that may also demand specific knowledge in the technological field.

Present-day engineers must have a dynamic professional profile and will be required to perform a wide range of activities over the course of their professional life. Therefore, it is advisable to acquire a good basic transversal training. Training objectives must be aimed at acquiring applied competences such as management or other practical skills that complement a successful theoretical training.

They can be consulted in this section: Competences—Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Organization Engineering.

Recommended Candidate Profile

The recommended candidate profile regarding skills, abilities and previous knowledge is a student who has successfully completed the technological branch of secondary education. The following qualities are considered desirable in a student:

  • Basic knowledge of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Graphic Expression and Computers.
  • Full ability to read, reflect and communicate orally and in writing.
  • Ability to analyze problems in order to solve them.
  • Knowledge of a foreign language (preferably English).
  • Inquisitiveness, curiosity and initiative.
  • Ability to work as part of a team.
  • Interest in the degree and the profession to which it leads.

Career Options

  • Production Management
  • Improvement of processes
  • Supply management
  • Warehouse and transport management
  • Quality management
  • Maintenance management
  • Organizational and technical consulting
  • Marketing and sales management
  • Management of innovation and technology
  • Human resources management
  • Financial management