Finding Accommodation

The Vigo University Campus is about 15 km away from the city center. Besides about ten schools and faculties, the campus also houses the Dean’s Office, the Central Services Building, the Central Library, a shopping center and the sports facilities. The university also has teaching facilities like the City Site in the heart of the city.



Complejo Residencial O Castro
Campus Universitario Lagoas-Marcosende
Phone: +34 986 031 000
Fax: +34 986 031 001

The University of Vigo offers a public hall of residence located in the Lagoas-Marcosende University Campus, very near the Campus Site.

The hall of residence can house up to 218 students, distributed in 19 individual apartments and 199 apartments with a shared kitchen.


Residencia Juvenil Altamar
Calle Cesáreo González, 4. Vigo
Phone: +34 986 290 808
Fax: +34 986 211 595

Right in the Vigo city center, very close to the City Site, students can also find the Residencia Juvenil Altamar, run by the Regional Ministry for Work and Welfare (Consellería de Trabajo y Bienestar de la Xunta de Galicia), which serves as a student hall of residence during the academic year.

The rooms are all doubles and the bathrooms are shared by two rooms. The hall also includes a canteen, a library, a conference center, a computer room and sports facilities.


You can also rent an apartment, or a room in a shared apartment. There are plenty of them available, so you should not have any problems finding one that you like.

The University of Vigo has a website where you can browse the available accommodation.

In the following map you can see the most convenient places to live in Vigo, due to their proximity to leisure facilities and to bus stops to reach the School.

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