Wireless network

The University of Vigo has a wireless network in every faculty of its three campuses. This network was designed to work in the most common operating systems.

ALUMNOS network

In the School, you can connect a device to Wi-Fi using ALUMNOS network. This network connection is unprotected, but once the browser opens, it will require a user and a password to work.

To establish a connection, you will need an email address of the University of Vigo. Once you obtain it, the user and the password to access the Wi-Fi network are the user and password of your email address.

For example:
Uvigo email address: example@alumnos.uvigo.es
Uvigo password: 1234
Alumnos user: example@alumnos.uvigo.es
Alumnos password: 1234

It has to be noticed that ALUMNOS wireless network is not encrypted so an advanced user can access to confidential information. Students are advised to make careful use of wireless networks.

Eduroam network

For a secure connection, a secure Eduroam network is available for users of the University of Vigo as well as other external institutions affiliated to Eduroam project.

The simplest way to connect from the University of Vigo is by using the EDUROAM-CAT tool to install the software. To start with, access to http://cat.eduroam.org, select the institution University of Vigo and download the suitable operating system for your platform. Finally, enter your user and password.

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