Foreign Students

Office of International Relations (ORI)

The University of Vigo has an Office of International Relations (Oficina de Relaciones Internacionales, ORI) that is responsible for centralizing, coordinating and managing international cooperation activities within the university.

As far as foreign students are concerned, some of its responsibilities are managing the admission of students who take part in exchange programs, publishing the Guide for Foreign Students, and sending information packages about the University of Vigo, including information about the different campuses and cities, orientation, visas, travelling, accommodation, enrollment and study possibilities, in cooperation with the International Relations staff.

Language Courses

The University of Vigo has a Language Center (Centro de Linguas) that organizes Spanish as a Foreign Language courses for exchange students and all those interested in learning Spanish. The Center offers both semester and summer courses at various levels.

The Linguistic Normalization Area (Área de Normalización Lingüística) of the University of Vigo also offers 40-hour courses on Galician language and culture for foreign people.