Duration of studies and permanence

The computation of the time spent in the doctoral studies will be counted from the first enrolment in the doctorate until the presentation of the thesis deposit application.

Maximum permanence in doctoral studies

In the case of full-time enrolment, the maximum duration of studies will be 3 years. In the case of part-time enrolment, it will be 5 years. When the doctoral student uses both enrolment modalities, the duration of the doctoral studies will be computed for all purposes in terms of full-time studies, and one year of part-time enrolment will be considered equal to 0.6 years of full-time enrolment. The change of enrolment modality may be requested in the ordinary enrolment periods, subject to the favorable report of the CAPD, and extraordinarily in other periods due to changes in the work, family or personal circumstances of the doctoral student.

Minimum stay in doctoral studies

The minimum duration of doctoral studies will be, either full-time or part-time, 24 months, which will be counted from the admission of the doctoral student until the presentation of the application for the deposit of the Doctoral Thesis.


If the request for the deposit of the Doctoral Thesis is not submitted after the established period has elapsed, the CAPD could authorize its extension, after the request of the doctoral student. The extension would be one year for full-time doctoral studies and two years for part-time doctoral studies. Exceptionally, this period could be extended in both cases in another additional year, for which the viability of completing the Doctoral Thesis within this period must be proven. The authorization of the aforementioned extensions will be done in a motivated way and in accordance with the regulations of the university.

Temporary leave

The CAPD may authorize, by reasoned request of the interested party, the temporary leave from the doctoral program. The maximum period of temporary leave will be one year, extendable for another year. The periods of sick leave, pregnancy or any other cause foreseen in the current labor regulations will not count for the effects of the maximum time of permanence or for the calculation of temporary leave. The activities carried out by this during the temporary leave may not be included in the activities document and the periods of temporary leave in the program will not count in the term of development of the thesis.

For more information, consult the EIDO regulations at the following link: