Teaching methods in matematics. An alternative for lecturing?

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O vindeiro xoves, 20 de abril ás 12:00 horas na Sala de Xuntas da Escola de Enxeñería Industrial o Prof. Jarkko Hurme, da Oulu University of Applied Sciences impartirá unha confernencia titulada "Teaching methods in mathematics. An alternative for lecturing?"


For many decades lecturing has been the most used method when teaching mathematics. Nowadays, the students don't share the same background knowledge when they start studying math in universities when compared to students a couple of generations before. The phenomena is general in every part of the world. How things are changed, how they could be faced and what should be done? There are no simple answer for this. I try to give a case examples, how I have faced these problems and as a case study, what different approaches I have tried. The meaning is to raise up a conversation for changing ideas, methods to overcome the barriers of math teaching.