Teaching in English

The School of Industrial Engineering of the University of Vigo will teach several of its courses in English.

Dibujito naranjaTaeching in English for academic year 2018/2019

Dibujito rojoTaeching in English for academic year 2017/2018

Dibujito rojoTeaching in English for academic year 2016/2017

Dibujito rojo

Teaching in English for academic year 2015/2016


All the lecture credits of the subjects and groups listed above will be taught in English by faculty members who have been officially qualified to teach in English.

The School will not require students to officially certify their English language level in order to be able to enroll in these courses. However, it is advisable for students who choose to participate in them to have a B1 or equivalent level.

The Linguistic Internationalization Policy of the University of Vigo contemplates the following incentives to encourage students to participate in these programs:

  • A partial grant to cover the fees for the first exam in one of the two levels of the CEFRL at the Language Center (Centro de Linguas) of the Universidad de Vigo Foundation.
  • Priority on international mobility applications when students have the same number of points, after applying the relevant criteria for each application.
  • Priority to participate in international double-degree programs.
  • Acknowledgement of the bilingual courses taken in the student’s academic record and/or in the European Diploma Supplement.
  • Actions to support students’ language training, such as courses abroad or specific courses about learning methodologies and foreign languages within the scope of their degrees.