Work Placement Coordinator


Begoña Urgal González

Company Work Placement Coordinator

The Dean of the School has appointed an External Work Placement Coordinator exclusively to manage curricular and extracurricular work placement activities for the Bachelor’s Degrees and for the Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering.

In the other degree programs offered by the School, the duties of the Work Placement Coordinator will fall to the Degree Coordinators.


Duties of the Coordinators:

  • Contacting businesses and organizations where students can do their external work placement. To do so, they will cooperate with the Employment Area of the University of Vigo in the search processes.
  • Managing educational cooperation agreements.
  • Coordinating the work placement management activities.
  • Cooperating with the University of Vigo Foundation (Fundación Universidad de Vigo, FUVI) to appoint academic advisers for extracurricular work placements.
  • Informing the relevant Associate Dean’s Office of any possible incidences.
  • Sending the administrative documentation to be kept in the relevant school or institution.
  • Informing the Employment Area of the curricular work placements managed by the school.