Curricular Work Placement Advisers

Advisers will be responsible for accompanying students during their work placement, especially in the development of their training project. Students will have an adviser in the cooperating organization and an academic adviser at the university. These duties cannot be carried out by the same person.


Advisers in the Cooperating Organizations

Advisers in the cooperating company or organization will be people with ties to the entity and with professional experience in the area in which students are going to carry out their training.


Duties of the Company Advisers

  • Supervising the activities carried out during the work placement
  • Guiding students in the company or organization
  • Monitoring the progress of the work placement
  • Maintaining contact with the Academic Adviser
  • Sending the final work placement report


Academic Advisers

The Academic Advisers will be professors teaching in the Degree which the student is pursuing. They are:

Bachelor’s Degrees Advisers

In the Bachelor’s Degree programs, the Curricular Work Placement adviser will be the coordinator of the Degree the student is pursuing:

Degree Adviser
 Electrical Engineering   Fernando Manzanedo García
 Industrial Electronics and Automation Engineering   Celso Fernández Silva
 Mechanical Engineering   Fernando Cerdeira Pérez
 Industrial Organization Engineering   Begoña Urgal González
 Industrial Chemistry Engineering   Mª Gloria Fiestras Janeiro
 Industrial Technologies Engineering   Cristina Trillo Yáñez


Master’s Degrees Advisers

In the Master’s Degree programs, the Curricular Work Placement adviser will be a professor teaching in the Master’s Degree, who will be appointed by the Master’s Degree Coordinator.


Duties of the Work Placement Advisers

  • Overseeing the normal development of the training project, making sure the work placement timetable is compatible with the academic, training, representation and participation duties of the students.
  • Effectively monitoring the work placement, through coordination with the company or organization adviser.
  • Authorizing any changes that may arise in the training project.
  • Carrying out the evaluation process of their advisees’ work placement.
  • Keeping confidential any information they may find out as a result of their duties as advisers.
  • Informing the School’s Work Placement Coordinator of any possible incidents.